Preserving Sir Geoff’s Memory of 1966 Forever

7 MONTHS IN THE MAKING – Above+Beyond have launched ‘The Everlasting Memory’ – a partnership with Sir Geoff Hurst to immortalise his memory of England’s 1966 historic World Cup via an NFT.

Sir Geoff Hurst was not only part of the 1966 winning team, he scored a hat trick in the final. No man since has ever achieved such a feat.

Sadly today, 56 years later, almost all the team have either died of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Sir Geoff, is now 80 and the only player left who remembers this culturally historic event.

To preserve the detailed memory of winning the World Cup that day, Sir Geoff’s memory will be carefully preserved forever on the Blockchain and auctioned as an NFT.

His memory immortalised.

You can read more about it here:

This has been a huge team effort, led by Above+Beyond creating the campaign, digital NFT artist Harry Yeff at Reeps One, HERO (talent management), IDEA FARM (PR) and Kode Media (production).

In City AM, Sir Geoff spoke to Frank Dalleres on how seeing most of his 1966 World Cup winning team-mates suffering with dementia convinced him to preserve his memories and how digital artwork will help Alzheimer’s charities.

EXCLUSIVE: 1966 World Cup hero Sir Geoff Hurst: ‘My own memory could fade. You expect it to happen’

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